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Monday 3 July 2023

HPANWO Radio Over Summer

During the next two months I will be away traveling quite a lot and so this will affect my ability to host, prepare and edit HPANWO Radio programmes. This Thursday I will be speaking at the Dorset Earth Mysteries group, see: https://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.com/2023/01/ben-emlyn-jones-live-at-dorset-earth.html. Next week I am going to the Isle of Man for eight days. Therefore the next HPANWO Show will probably by July the 20th. I don't have time to do a Third Rail Radio this week because I need the time to prepare for my Dorset presentation. I'll hopefully be able to do one next week, but after that I'll be away so the next Third Rail will probably be the 24th of July. There will also be no Gas Spanner shows after next Sunday until 23rd. At the end of July I am going to the Glastonbury Symposium so there will be no Third Radio on the 31st. In August I will be speaking at Truth Seekers Teeside on Wednesday the 9th, see: https://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.com/2023/05/ben-emlyn-jones-live-at-truth-seekers.html. I may be able to do a HPANWO Show the next day, but only if I get home soon enough. I am also going to the UFO Academy the following weekend (I might be speaking; not sure) and so there will be no Spanner on the 13th. There will also not be one on the 20th because I'm off to do Gary Heseltine's Rendlesham Forest tour. Also, unfortunately I will be away the following Sunday, the 27th, at Awakenings Manchester so the next time I'll be free to do The Gas Spanner will probably be September the 3rd . I will hopefully be home from Awakenings soon enough on Monday the 28th to do a Third Rail show. After that I'm not sure when my absences will be. This schedule is an estimate and might change. Apologies for the lack of service over the next couple of months, but remember I have a huge number of podcasts, all past programmes in fact; so listen if you've missed any or wish to hear them again. I appreciate the support of all HPANWO Radio listeners and wish you all a very pleasant summer.

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