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Friday 10 December 2021

Cry Freedom Show- Programme 32 (New Show 19)

Programme 32 of the Cry Freedom Show with Lisa is now available here: (podcast deleted).
And feature only: https://www.mixcloud.com/lisa-jane-phillips/the-cry-freedom-show-with-lisacom-putting-back-the-apple-series-show-19-2021/.
Lisa is now producing her own show, but her programmes will all be syndicated to HPANWO Radio, including Ben Emlyn-Jones' commentary. On this week's programme: PUTTING BACK THE APPLE SERIES: Show 19 COPING WITH THIS REALITY / CREATING A BETTER WORLD! Including...  A DR warning people about the BOOSTER. THE NORTH UNITES, last Saturday in YORK! NATTERS WITH NATHE: My chats with NATHAN SAREA, who is very much at the forefront of the MENSSHED movement, about the many fascinating and learning experiences he has come across on this journey. 5 WAYS TO COPE WITH STRESS... never more needed! Composer of the 99% song and Editor of The Light Newspaper, Daz Nez's latest chat with Mark Attwood about all things current in this crazy world AND MUCH MORE…
Lisa's website: https://thecryfreedomshowwithlisa.com.
See here for Programme 31: https://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.com/2021/12/cry-freedom-show-programme-31-new-show.html.

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