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Wednesday 19 February 2020

Cry Freedom Short 18

The eighteenth short Cry Freedom programme by Lisa, see: (podcast removed).
In this short: Know and Love Thyself. As we claw our way through these crazy first few weeks of 2020 there is one thing that becomes so very clear to me and that is the importance of loving your own heart. Those who bear all things down on us right now have been described as cold and calculating and it seems many of them are indeed "broken" and "fragmented", deliberately as a part of their upbringing to freeze their hearts and their emotions so they can then go on to carry out the most horrendous crimes against us all with no feeling in the way it is designed they are meant to, as part of the "agenda". We are incredible creators and are being programmed to create a world none of us wants through our fears, worries, anger and frustrations. Hence the so important and essential act of loving your own heart, throwing away the ingrained insecurities about ourselves and each other and then using that power produced to create the world that WE WANT! It has to start deep within each person then radiate out to others. This I truly believe is the only way and most certainly the first steps. It may seem like we are now at a time when first steps are too late, but the truth is they can never be so and every single thing always counts and makes a difference, so... KNOW AND LOVE THYSELF xxx

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