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Monday 11 March 2019

Cry Freedom Show- Programme 9

Programme 9 of the Cry Freedom Show with Lisa is now available here: (podcast removed).
On this week's programme: Lisa says: "First proper show of the year 'cos I’ve had a few things going on! In this one I will be discussing: The power and importance of our words and energy. The essentialness of self-love, health and happiness if we really want to make a difference. The futility of 'fighting the system' by trying to leave it behind. How NDE's (Near Death Experiences) have changed many people and given them a far different perspective on this life. The necessity of losing our fear of just about everything or risking making ourselves ill with self-doubt, guilt, fear and worry. Includes: Audios from Dolores Cannon and Anita Moorjani, extracts from Living Druidry by Emma Restall Orr and Knowing by Jeffrey C Olsen. Mentions to Jeffrey C Olsen, Geoff Dykes and Dee Bassett. Thanks for listening and thanks to Ben! Lisa xxx."

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