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Thursday 27 December 2018

Cry Freedom Show- Programme 8

Programme 8 of the Cry Freedom Show with Lisa is now available here: (podcast removed).
On this week's programme: a Christmas special! Lisa says: "One for the festive season and year end 'cos whilst not believing and partaking in the commercial side at this time I do believe in the warmth and true spirit of those who meet it with good and helping energy... We've all experienced much over the last few years especially those who were prepared and in fact compelled to jump out of boxes! It's been an interesting ride to say the least and as the fun fair comes to my town I'm sure the rides will continue to make us scream and shout. Featuring some of the much listened to and always thought provoking words of Mr David Icke and another extract from the book A Bridge to the Dimension of the Sacred Feminine- Escorting the Female back to Wholeness by David Best. I wish you all the best, thank you for your time and ears and send you love and laughter ('cos we have to!) for 2019! Keep creating your magic! Recognition mentions to David A Best and Craig Crawford. Happy Christmas!"
Music by Florence and the Machine, see: https://florenceandthemachine.net/, and The Brothers Figaro Orchestra, see: http://www.brothersfigaro.com/.

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