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Saturday 2 December 2017

HPANWO Radio Christmas 2017 Schedule

As always around the Christmas and New Year festivals, the normal system of weekly routine is disrupted everywhere and HPANWO Radio is no exception. This notice is therefore a preview of its Christmas and New Year schedule. Please make note of it for reference.
Sunday 3rd of December, c. 5 PM: Third Rail Radio, Prog 18
Thursday 7th of December, 8 PM: HPANWO Show 260 with Andy McGrath as guest
Sunday 10th of December, c. 5 PM: Third Rail Radio, Prog 19
Thursday 14th of December, 8 PM: HPANWO Show 261 with Oliver Marshall or Michael Feeley as guest
Sunday 17th of December, c. 5 PM: Third Rail Radio, Prog 20
Thursday 21st of December, 8 PM: HPANWO Show 262 with Michael Feeley or Neil Hague as guest, or listeners' Q&A
Saturday 23rd of December, 8 PM: HPANWO Show 263, Christmas special
Saturday 30th of December, 8 PM: HPANWO Show 264, 2017- year in review.
Thursday 4th of January 2018, 8 PM: HPANWO Show 265, feature TBA
Sunday 7th of January 2018, c. 5PM: Third Rail Radio, Prog 21
(Afterwards normal schedule resumes)

These dates and times could be subject to change, as could the show content, possibly with very little notice, so keep checking this post and the latest notices on the HPANWO Radio blog homepage. Emergency situations mean the date, time and/or content of a show might need to be altered suddenly. This is more likely now seeing as the political situation of the world is especially turbulent. I might even need to carry out extra broadcasts. I am doing a Christmas special this year for the third year running due to popular request. I'd like to wish all HPANWO Radio listeners a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. I'm looking forward to broadcasting more excellent programmes in 2018.   

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