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Sunday 4 June 2017

Third Rail Radio- Programme 1

Programme 1 of Third Rail Radio is now available here: (podcast removed).
Subjects discussed this week include: Welcome to the first Third Rail Radio show!, Trump pulls out of the Paris climate deal, another terrorist attack in Britain and much much more.
See here for Joe's website: https://www.youtube.com/user/FLtrailblazer.
See here for Ben's website: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/.


  1. The Phoenix has risen! Will you be asking Gareth how his week has been and what he has planned? No-one ever asking him when he was doing the Mindset podcast for some reason.

  2. Hi Snarnok. Hope you enjoy our first show. I'm afraid Gareth did not participate in this programme at all.

  3. Well, this has brightened up an otherwise crap week for me. The subject matter may be as depressing as ever (!) but it is so good to have you guys back. Are you going to add an rss/itunes feed at some point?

  4. Thanks, SF. Really appreciate your support. Glad you enjoyed the show. Yes, we're working on that. It's a development process for us.

  5. Do you remember the Johnny Cab (lol!)in Total Recall? The driverless cars that you discuss seems to have similarities with micro-chipping people. Looking forward to the future shows - will Reeves return a guest as well?

  6. Yes, that was a typical piece of Paul Verhoeven's black comedy. Yes, we have the technology to do that now, but I hope they don't have the gimmicky talking head on them.