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Monday 1 May 2017

The End of Mind Set

On Friday last week Gareth Davies, the creator of Mind Set Central, suddenly announced the cessation of all the programmes on the station, including the weekly Mind Set Podcast which I take part in at every opportunity. I was away in London when he posted this notice and so only found out about this on Sunday afternoon just before we recorded the final show, see: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/ben-emlyn-jones-on-mind-set-podcast-147.html. He feels that we are not making progress. In his view, the world is still just as awful as it was when he started. 9/11 is now really just another piece of history and the boost it gave to public awareness has dissipated. Public interest in UFO/conspiracy/paranormal issues has declined during the last decade. I was pretty stunned when I heard this and didn't know what to think at first. I understand Gareth's point of view in the sense that he is the one who does most of the work at what can sometimes be a thankless task. He organizes the programme material, edits the recordings, uploads the files and publicizes them. For the rest of us, especially for Reeves and me, the recording schedule every Sunday is at least at a reasonable time of day. Gareth lives in Los Angeles USA and so gets up at 5 AM. He must long for a Sunday lie-in like most other people get. However, I don't think we've made no progress. A lot of my recent observations should give us hope. The response from the listeners has been shock and dismay. A lot of people really enjoy the Mind Set Podcast and they will miss it badly. So will I. Not only has the Mind Set team produced many excellent shows, but for us it's a social routine. Although we live thousands of miles apart and I've never met any of them except Gareth and Alex Fate; we've become good friends. I intend to stay in touch with them all. I regret not making more of The Poker shows now and wish I had put in more of an effort to prioritize producing them. The website will remain up and the 325 Mind Set Podcasts will still be available on the archive, in which I feature on over half of them. There are also the many Mind Tech, Nervous Teeth, Radio Hour, Mind Set Live, Journey Inward and Paratalk shows; all there for you to continue enjoying. What's more, Gareth has not completely closed the door. He says he will reconsider in a few months or a year or two's time and maybe think about relaunching. If so then I'll definitely want to be on board. I'm also considering getting the old team together and starting a new station independently with a similar round table format show. If anything comes of that I'll let you know. In the meantime, I'd like to thank Gareth for his effort for all these years, as well as the other panel members, past and present. I feel no resentment towards Gareth; I sympathize with his position and wish him luck for the future. Thanks, and also apologies, to everybody who has listened and supported the Mind Set Podcast for all these years. 


  1. I found the programme through you mentioning it on your programme. I've listened to about 25 episodes and intend to listen to the earlier ones.

    I liked the show because it was like a sit down with the guys. It also had the international flavour that we don't see much in any of the other similar shows.

    The quality of the programme was very good. I think the potential audience for these kinds of shows has grown over the years, especially with the election of Trump. Some might say his election shows the power of alternative thought.

    Having said all that it sounds like Gareth was doing a lot of work. Getting up at 5am regularly can be energy zapping for anyone. He did a great job in production and also adding good content. There was good chemistry between all of the guys. Everyones viewpoint was interesting in its own right, and with the added international aspect made it even better.

    Thanks for the Mind stretch!


  2. Thanks for your comment, B. Hope you enjoy the rest of the back catalogue. If any are missing, I have copies. Let me know and I'll share them to you

  3. Shock and dismay is about right. The end of Mind Set is absolutely appalling news - the show is as necessary now as it ever was, particularly as we in the UK head into a one-party, quasi-fascist dictatorship. Ben, I cannot encourage you + the remainder of the team enough to step up and create a new round-table show until a hopefully triumphant return of the MSP.

    Anyway, thanks for HPANWO and your continued output. It is much appreciated and maybe we, as as audience, need to say that more to the folks with the ability to step up and put this stuff together.


  4. Thanks for those words, Lee. Very much appreciated. Will keep you all posted for the new show. We are working on the idea already :-)

  5. I'm gutted! This was my favourite podcast of the week so it will be sorely missed by me and many others. It was informative and fun and I particularly loved it when Gareth swore - there was something in his delivery of 'fuck that!' which always made me giggle. It sounds like he is feeling jaded, though, and in need of a much earned rest after his hard work, so I'd like to thank all of you guys and particularly Gareth for regularly brightening my week despite the often gloomy topics you covered. I hope it will not be long before a new show emerges.

  6. A great loss...Sadly I feel the same and fear the forthcoming election has already facilitated the desired divisions in the UK. All phoney bones of contention to divert attention from the real problem, getting rid of a satanic elite. Trump was such a plant, as is Le Pen and May, all implementing the hunger games society as Icke correctly predicted. Good luck in the future to you all. Richard, Brum.

  7. Ben - It's always been a pleasure. :-)