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Thursday 14 July 2016

Programme 196 Podcast- Alien Interview 20

The podcast of Programme 196 is now available here to listen or download: (podcast removed).
And: https://archive.org/details/Prog209.

This week on the HPANWO Show: a special programme to mark the twentieth anniversary of the emergence of the "Alien Interview" film, mysterious footage of an extraterrestrial being that came out a year after the Alien Autopsy film (see here for details: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/programme-149-podcast-alien-autopsy.html). The Interview is far less famous than the Autopsy, but is a far more credible piece of UFO/ET evidence, in my view. The programme includes an interview with the Alien Interview researcher, Sean David Morton, see: http://www.strangeuniverseradio.com/. There will also be a recorded statement by the British Alien Interview researcher Andrew Burlington, see: https://www.youtube.com/user/TheAlienInterview/.
Also: All the latest news, details of upcoming events and space weather.

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