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Wednesday 23 July 2014

Programme 96 Podcast- Jackie Noise

All CMR HPANWO Show podcasts are now available to download here: https://archive.org/details/HPANWO-Show1.

This week on the HPANWO Show: Jackie Noise, a singer, voice actress and film maker. She runs a popular YouTube channel investigating many subjects including chemtrails, the Bilderberg Group, UFO’s, health, nutrition and spirituality, see: https://www.youtube.com/user/jamnoise72.
Also: All the latest news, details of upcoming events and space weather.


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  2. Excellent show. Chemtrails etc may well be a way to transhumanism an experience that we will experience through the arbitrary mind. The many enlightened beings that have been on this planet such as The Buddha, Plontinus etc taught the way out of conditioned existence in time and space. For these phenomenal existence per-se is illusory. For the Illuminate phenomenal existence is the only basis from which to proceed on the path of 'philosophy' and using our conditioned inverted minds that is still deeply rooted in the judeo-christian narrative that has been stripped of religiousity and framed within a world is arbitrarily split into ‘good’ and ‘evil’ but this is manipulated to order such as the russia situation, superiority is religion stripped of its religiosity. The 'real' is beyond the reach of any conditioned terms be it 'in 'our minds or 'outside' (Mind proper is neither). Awareness rather than consciousness is key (Consciousness is still a relative and manipulable entity) and I think that there will be a need to raise this pure Awareness with these subjects in mind. Cheers and peace

  3. Thanks, X. Yes, these issues are inextricably linked to spiritual issues.