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Thursday 17 October 2013

Kevin Annett Strikes Back

Along with my own HPANWO Radio, Critical Mass Radio has many other excellent programmes. I'm a big fan of the Outside the Box Open Forum with Kate of Gaia, and I always listen to it because it often precedes my own in the early slot on Tuesdays. Kate is an eloquent and intelligent presenter who specializes in the Freeman-on-the-Land subject and often invites on interesting guests to talk to. However the last couple of weeks she has featured two programmes with interviews which disturbed me. Here they are:
1st show, 16th of October:
2nd show, 16th of October:

One of her guests was Mel Ve, a South African conspiracy researcher living in the Netherlands whom I used to respect, see: https://www.youtube.com/user/FREEDOMCENTRAL. I was particularly glad that she supported Kevin Annett, somebody whose dedicated work I have also highlighted, EG see: http://hpanwo-tv.blogspot.co.uk/2011/03/kevin-annett-liverpool-lecture-12311.html. However Mel's focus has changed since then and she now seems to spend most of her time criticizing other Truth Movement activists, often in no uncertain terms. Another guest of Kate's in the above programmes was Lydia White Calf, a fellow Canadian who has staunchly opposed Kevin's work. Kevin and I have spoken about her in past HPANWO Radio shows, EG, see: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/programme-29-podcast-kevin-annett.html. Several other guests call in during the programmes to comment on Kevin too. As you can hear, the general theme is based around some very harsh criticism of Kevin Annett; the criticism is not just professional, but personal as well. Mel Ve is even recutting her excellent and very brave documentary, Last of the Boers, to remove Kevin's scenes from it! (So watch the original while you still can: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHJWJusV0pQ) I've always tried to avoid internal Truth Movement politics and afforded it a very low priority, frankly we have more urgent things to do in this world; but sometimes I find it necessary to make a stand when I encounter such one-sided tirades against an individual's character. In my most recent HPANWO Radio show I warned listeners not to judge Kevin Annett on the word of Ve and White Calf alone, see at 11.50: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2013/10/programme-65-podcast-joseph-atwill-and.html. What's more I think that Kevin should have the full right to reply, therefore I'm publishing Kevin's response to the accusations made by Kate of Gaia's guests:

Original notification:

October 13, 2013

Re: Recent unprovoked attacks on ITCCS and myself by Melani Spencer aka "Mel Ve" of Holland

For clarification, a recent unprovoked public attack on me and the ITCCS by Melani Spencer requires this statement.

Mel Ve, aka Melani Spencer from Holland, has publicly claimed that she is the Secretary of the International Common Law Court of Justice when she was never appointed to that position. She also says I appointed her to that role, which is not true; I simply gave her the right to represent ITCCS in Europe and in setting up a South African group. I have asked her to cease and desist from claiming that title for herself and she has refused to do so.

According to Toos Neijenhuis, a cult ritual survivor in Holland, Mel and her husband Richard have tried to extort money from her after doing several interviews with her. Mel has also removed our ITCCS TV site without explanation, and has cut off all contact with me and ITCCS after we challenged her on her actions.

I assume that her cutting ties with ITCCS and attacking us publicly as she has done is an attempt by her to justify herself by making us look bad. Her actions make no sense otherwise, since I and ITCCS have done nothing to cause this break, besides challenging her unethical behaviour.

I would appreciate the chance to clarify this to everyone at CMR, blog radio shows, and elsewhere before Mel and Richard can do more damage to our work.

Our work with all the ITCCS affiliates is going forward and the common law court work in South Africa still has our support.

For the record, Mel Ve and her husband Richard do not have our support or confidence any longer, and they are not affiliated with or represent ITCCS or our common law work in any way. We ask them to stop this untruthful and destructive path, and to stop harassing Toos Neijenhuis and her family.

Please contact me directly for more information.

Kevin Annett

Follow up on 17/10:

Publicly Issued October 17, 2013

By me, Kevin Daniel Annett, and on behalf of Toos Nijenhuis and other flesh and blood men and women - The Plaintiffs.

IN THE MATTER OF CRIMINAL ACTS BY Melani Spencer aka Mel Ve and by her husband aka Richard Ve and by Archbishop Andre Dupuy, Papal Nuncio for the Netherlands and his agents - The Defendants,


The Defendants are named and will be charged in a Superior Court and in a designated Common Law Court with the following offences, specifically:

Extortion, Fraud, Criminal Assault, Defamation and Libel, Obstruction of Justice and Criminally Conspiring to destroy the good name and livelihood of the Plaintiffs and to conceal other criminal acts including human trafficking, murder and crimes against humanity.

A Writ is being sought in this matter.


Filed 17 October, 2013
In The Hague, Netherlands and in Brussels, Belgium.


  1. I look forward to Mel Ve trying to get an address for this court so she can send her own papers in.

  2. We welcome that, to expose those who are behiund her actions, beginning with the Vatican papal nuncio to the Netherlands

  3. In which case, Neu, she will have to face the counter argument to her characteristically harsh accusations.