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Thursday 29 November 2012

CMR's Reverend George Tribute Special

Critical Mass Radio has produced a special programme as a tribute to George Wilson, aka Reverend George, who died on Monday. It is a double-length show in two parts and is presented by Lisa Shunkaha Wanagi, who regularly presents the Cry Freedom Show. It was broadcast on Thursday the 29th of November, just a few days after he passed away.

I first met George in Liverpool when I attended the Exopolitics ET Communications Conference and only met him once more after, at the CMR- Time to Act Conference this Saturday just gone. He was a quiet and calm man, very intelligent and thoughtful. I used to talk a lot with him online and we had some long discussions. He was a real night owl who never went to bed before I did. He once contacted me once with the news that a friend of his had some UFO footage. He sent it to me. I’m still not sure what the footage is of and together we analyzed it. It looked to me like the International Space Station, but I checked the time and the ISS wasn’t going over then. It’s still a mystery, but one we can no longer solve together. We were also planning to do a special round table show together about ancient aliens. Sadly that never came to pass.

George was always on the late slot on Thursday, after Lisa’s Cry Freedom Show. Because they’re both Liverpudlians, Thursday on CMR is nicknamed “Scouse Night”. The Prisoner Show was based on that brilliant TV series that George loved. The Prisoner, full of meaning and symbolism, so relevant to the human condition and the world we live in. He interviewed many guests, including Albert Burgess, Muad dib, David Noakes and Tony Farrell. He was very professional in his handling of them. In fact he took on guests I’d feel daunted by. His show has become really popular and many people are going to miss listening to it, including me and the other hosts. He was a very creative and prodigious audio mixer and editor too. I played his ad for the Anonymous November the 5th event so many times and really enjoyed it, long before I found out that it was George’s work. He also mixed a comedy sketch for me about Chris French and just two weeks before his death he did a brilliant jingle for HPANWO Radio. I’m not sure I’ll play it again. Also wrote his own music like the song White Lines in the Sky. See his channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/thereverendwahwah

I met him on Saturday at the CMR conference, as I said. He seemed fine and on Tuesday morning I actually answered an email he left me the day before. Then I heard from a friend on Facebook who told me what had happened. I just couldn’t believe it. So, rest in peace, my good friend, George. Hope we meet again someday, somewhere…

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