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Sunday 15 January 2017

Ben Emlyn-Jones on the Mind Set Podcast 140

The new episode of The Mind Set Podcast's round table discussion, featuring myself, is now available. Subjects discussed this week include: Assange freedom deal for Manning, Trump and fake mainstream news, swarms of micro-drones and much much more.
See here for The Mind Set Podcast- Episode 311: http://www.mindsetcentral.com/archives/16013.
See here for my previous appearance on The Mind Set Podcast: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2017/01/ben-emlyn-jones-on-mind-set-podcast-139.html.


  1. Great listening to this weeks episode, some interesting topics covered. I liked how Gareth discussed the issue of governments, and the John Lennon/Noam Chomsky interviews.

    I wonder if Gareth (or anyone else) as seen a recent video by Rob Ager of Collative Learning entitled "The Borderless World Delusion"?. I think Rob makes alot of sense in the video, particularly when he talks about how, if we moved away from governments, we would eventually go back to using the same government power structure all again because we wouldn't be able to survive on our own. Worth checking out. I know many will disagree with him on the matter.

  2. Thanks, Anon. I'll suggest that to the team