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Saturday 14 March 2015

HPANWO Radio on Spreaker

Since I left CMR and went independent I've rather enjoyed the freedom it has given me, even if I have to fund the platform myself now, see: http://hpanwo-radio.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/programme-115-podcast-goodbye-cmr.html. I can host shows when I like, where I like and for however long I choose, up to the two hour limit of my BlogTalkRadio Premium account. However, I am very unsatisfied with BTR's service. The audio quality is that of analogue AM radio, basically what was achieved on the airwaves in the 1950's. They recently upgraded to a 128 bit stream, but this has had little effect on the sound consistency. The website is unreliable; pages regularly crash, or just as often they hourglass for many minutes before opening. Sometimes when you create shows they end up appearing on entirely different days to what you opted for on you input. The studio is crude and the buttons are slippery. Hence you might hear me play the wrong sound clips at times. Somebody suggested I change to a different service and I'm seriously planning on doing that. The service recommended to me the highest was Spreaker, the service Tom and Andy use for Enemy Within Radio on which I've been a guest many times, see: https://www.spreaker.com/show/the_enemywithinradio_show. Everything that's wrong with BTR seems right with Spreaker, the sound quality is HD, the studio is more efficient and better designed, the audio decks have a slider and mixer; and it is half the price. The standard broadcaster package is $US 19.99 a month as opposed to BTR's $US 39.99; I can't help wondering what the catch is!

My needs are simple when it comes to my radio shows. I have to be able to broadcast live on a stream; I'm not happy with just pre-recorded podcasting. Listeners must have easy access to the podcasts of past shows which they can download for free as MP3 or similar unrestricted formats. Also I want to be able to play music on my shows without hindrance. This has become a problem since the introduction of various laws relating to supposed internet piracy; SOPA, DMCA, the Digital Economy Act etc. Of course any artist would be a fool to complain that a radio host was playing one of their songs; it's effectively throwing away a gift of free publicity. Many times people will go out and buy a track after first hearing it on a radio programme. However some of the enemies I've made in the conspirasphere (a fate that is impossible to avoid unless you do and say absolutely nothing online) will take advantage of copyright law to harass me; even if their real motive for harassing me is entirely different and personal, see: http://hpanwo-voice.blogspot.co.uk/2014/02/miragemengate.html. Therefore I need to be secure in the knowledge that my service provider does not suffer from intellectual property hysteria and therefore will not have kittens the moment I play any song that's not a recording of me singing in the bath. For this reason I'm going to do a couple of test shows before committing HPANWO Radio permanently into the hands of Spreaker. I've set up an account and already done a series of test sketches, see: https://www.spreaker.com/user/benemlynjones. The date and time of the first main test show will be announced on the next HPANWO Show this Tuesday. Tune in to that programme and watch the HPANWO Radio blog for further details. 

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