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Friday 24 May 2013

Programme 46 Podcast- Citizen Hearing Special, Part 3- Stanton Friedman

The podcast of Programme 46 is  available.
All CMR HPANWO Show podcasts are now available to download here: https://archive.org/details/HPANWO-Show1.

This week: The third in a number of specials on the recently concluded Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure. This unique event took place between the 29th of April and the 3rd of May 2013 at the National Press Club in Washington DC, USA. Featured is an interview with another of the Hearing witnesses, Stanton Friedman, a former professional nuclear physicist; today he's a UFOlogical researcher and author. He was the first person ever to investigate the famous Roswell Incident back in 1978. See: http://www.stantonfriedman.com/
Also: The Ruwa School Incident, all the latest space weather and much much more.

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