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Sunday 28 October 2012

Programme 18 Podcast- Ross Hemsworth

The podcast of Programme 18 is now available here: (The Mixcloud version of this podcast is not currently available. If it comes back I will post a link here. Until then please use the BlogTalk Radio link below)
There is also a YouTube version, without some of the music but with illustrations: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5iS1yXvEug
All CMR HPANWO Show podcasts are now available to download here: https://archive.org/details/HPANWO-Show1.

This week: Ross Hemsworth, an author, television and radio broadcaster, and lecturer on conspiratorial and paranormal subjects. He presented Ghost Detectives for UK Horizons and Ghostwatch Live for the BBC and later Now THAT'S Weird! Today he presents The Hammer Show, see: http://www.rosshemsworth.com/
Also: Kevin Annett's latest update, ghostly goings on in an Oxford church and much much more.

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